How to Start a Homeschool

Obtain a copy of the homeschool laws from your local government. This is the first step in deciding whether or not to enroll your student in LCA.

If you choose to enroll your students in LCA, complete the registration form and mail it, along with the requested information and fees, to LCA. You will receive training materials and diagnostic tests for appropriate placement in the curriculum.

If you do not plan to enroll your student(s) in LCA, diagnostic testing is the first step to setting up an independent homeschool. If the student is entering school for the first time, you will want to order the Reading Readiness Test to determine if you need to obtain the Preschool With Ace and Christi program or the ABC’s with Ace and Christi program. When the test has been administered and scored, you will know which program to order.

If your student has already been in school, you will want to purchase the Quick Start Kit to obtain the training materials and a set of diagnostic tests. Additional diagnostic tests can be purchased for additional students. Based upon the results of the diagnostic tests you will then place an order for the curriculum and materials you need to educate your children.